Distinguished Co-Chairs,

Thank you for convening this third meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council reform. I join many colleagues who spoke before me to commend the leadership and hard work of the Co-Chairs and welcome their proposal to webcast the first segment of each IGN meeting, which would add more transparency and inclusiveness to this very important process. 


It is Viet Nam’s consistent policy to support a comprehensive reform of the Security Council to make it more representative, democratic, transparent, effective, efficient and better reflect today's realities. Our position on each of the 5 clusters of the reform is clearly reflected in our inputs to the 2015 Framework Document. Regarding the 3 topics addressed by this meeting, I wish to highlight the following points.

First, Viet Nam believes that the Security Council's enlargement must apply to both categories of membership, namely permanent and non-permanent, with an equitable regional representation and adequate representation of developing countries. 

In this regard, Viet Nam strongly supports allocating more seats to the most under-represented regions, especially Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Second, the Security Council’s expansion in size needs to be coupled with its improved working methods. On this particular note, Viet Nam believes it is essential that the Council observes transparency, openness and consistency in all of its activities, approaches and procedures.

Accordingly, the Council should conduct more public meetings. Closed meetings and informal consultations should be kept to a minimum and as exceptions. The Council must also comply with provisions of Articles 31 and 32 of the Charter, which allow any non-Council member to participate in discussions on matters affecting those countries. The Council should consult more with the Troop and Police contributing countries on the issues related to the United Nations peacekeeping missions. It should also further strengthen cooperation and coordination with regional organizations when addressing issues related to them. 

Third, the Council cannot do its best to discharge its primary responsibility to maintain peace and security without the support of other UN mechanisms, especially the General Assembly. Coordination between the Council and the General Assembly must be further strengthened, including through more regular consultations and reports.

Non-Council members needs to have more access to and participation in the preparation of documents and reports of the Council, including its annual reports to the General Assembly, which was proposed by Viet Nam as an initiative in its first tenure as non-permanent member of the Security Council in 2008-2009. 

In this connection, we need more initiatives similar to the GA Resolution 76/262 of April 2022 on the standing mandate for a General Assembly debate when a veto is cast in the Security Council.


In closing, I reaffirm Viet Nam’s commitment to actively and constructively engaging in this important process of Security Council reform. My delegation will continue to intervene as and when appropriate during the upcoming interactive discussion.

I thank you./.

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