Message from Ambassador



Dear visitors,

Despite the geographical distance and many differences in culture and history, Viet Nam and Australia have been effectively cooperating on the basis of mutual benefit and respect with a common aspiration for peace, development and prosperity. Since the establishment of Viet Nam – Australia diplomatic relations on February 26, 1973, history’s ups and downs have not impeded the flourishing friendship between the two peoples. Most remarkably, the signing of the Comprehensive Partnership in September 2009 has paved the way for bilateral relations of the two countries to constantly grow and deepen in a wide range of cooperation fields, including political exchanges, trade, investment, security and defense, culture, education and tourism. Joint achievements in the past 40 years lay a solid foundation for further development of bilateral relations in the coming decades.

The Viet Nam Embassy in Australia serves as a bridge that links Viet Nam and Australia and a home to the community of Vietnamese living, working and studying in Australia. We hope this website will help you understand more about the country and people of Viet Nam as well as the progress of the Viet Nam - Australia relations.

Welcome to Viet Nam

Luong Thanh Nghi

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